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SpoOratory Ep5

A half-cast today. Just Luke and I were recorded, but we were talking about intra-family dynamics and business stuff. SpoonCast2016-02-04 Also present at various times, but not audible, were Kevin, Travis, and Ben. Recorded 2016-02-04. 00:21 Hierarchy of social needs

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SpoOratory Ep4

Lots of talk about lots of things. Recorded 2016-01-28 SpoonCast2016-01-28 01:03 The Witness (the game)

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GR:SO post-mortem

Hey, Paul Spooner here, doing an animation post-mortem of the Good Robot: Space Opera AMV I made. How it Began The ground was laid for the project in mid-september 2013. Shamus Young had just started working on a 2d shmup game … Continue reading

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SpoOratory Ep3

Taking death seriously, but joy more seriously. Spiritual Tapestry An interwoven trialogue across a broad range of related subjects, starting at 1:10 Russion song “Not for me (Не для меня)”

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“There Is A Redeemer” alternate chorus

The song “There is a Redeemer” was running through my head while driving to work, and I made up another chorus for it… Something like-a-this: Thank you, O my Father, for giving us your life For blessings of food and … Continue reading

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More piano improv

Made while we were down in California visiting in the summer of 2015. The sounds in the background are my children playing with Duplo, wooden blocks, and toys with their grandma, my mother.

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SpoOratory Ep2

It’s the spooner podcast! Ben and Travis play mechs and tonks, then Luke hijacks the conversation with games about insanity at about the 15:00 mark, switching at 21:20 to talk about canon and official lore. 24:42 verges into meta-commentary, followed … Continue reading

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SpoOratory Ep1

It’s the spooner podcast! Episode 1, architecture and living spaces. SpoOratoryEp1

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PS Cast: Tryop

The company that I talk about in this episode has turned into Tryop. Er, here’s the Proto-Tryop Podcast, filled with egotistical speculation. Transcript:

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PS Cast: Cyborgs

A brief snapshot which is over almost as soon as it has begun. Oh, it’s about Cyborgs. Transcript:

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