SpoOratory Ep3

Taking death seriously, but joy more seriously.

Spiritual Tapestry

An interwoven trialogue across a broad range of related subjects, starting at

1:10 Russion song “Not for me (Не для меня)”

3:46 David and Goliath

6:00 Evil and seriousness

7:06 Laughter

8:47 Horror

11:35 Ties back in to D&G

13:13 Leah’s interlude on sword-making

13:52 Civilized battle

15:41 Ties back to D&G, “Don’t be a scoffer, take it seriously.”

15:57 Fear that fear is the ultimate reality

17:42 Comet landing, unity

18:55 The Village and the propulsive purpose of evil

21:44 “Heaven” on earth, trap or tautology?

24:16 Death

26:07 Ties back to the song from the beginning!

28:57 Risk and joy

32:38 Taking joy more seriously than death

33:32 Living in a van, and thinking of the children

38:21 More babies

40:53 Philosophical Darwinism

42:08 Wrapping up

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