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The Spooner podcast where we talk about stuff. If you’re a fan of the spooners, now you never need miss all of our crazy ramblings!

SpoOratory Ep5

A half-cast today. Just Luke and I were recorded, but we were talking about intra-family dynamics and business stuff. SpoonCast2016-02-04 Also present at various times, but not audible, were Kevin, Travis, and Ben. Recorded 2016-02-04. 00:21 Hierarchy of social needs

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SpoOratory Ep4

Lots of talk about lots of things. Recorded 2016-01-28 SpoonCast2016-01-28 01:03 The Witness (the game)

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SpoOratory Ep3

Taking death seriously, but joy more seriously. Spiritual Tapestry An interwoven trialogue across a broad range of related subjects, starting at 1:10 Russion song “Not for me (Не для меня)”

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SpoOratory Ep2

It’s the spooner podcast! Ben and Travis play mechs and tonks, then Luke hijacks the conversation with games about insanity at about the 15:00 mark, switching at 21:20 to talk about canon and official lore. 24:42 verges into meta-commentary, followed … Continue reading

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SpoOratory Ep1

It’s the spooner podcast! Episode 1, architecture and living spaces. SpoOratoryEp1

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