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Dungeon Crawl

Obsession is healthy in small doses… Continue reading

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Christians in our culture have rejected the idea that marriage means children.
I want to talk about marriage, and what it is supposed to look like. I’m not sure I have the right idea, but here’s what I’ve got. Continue reading

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Futile Foundering

Why are Christians so pathetic? Why is the church in such a mess? Why do people get depressed? Why is the Father so Awesome? Why is Jesus so loving? Why is the Holy Spirit so joyful? Why do we forget?

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We Moved!

As I mentioned a while back, my old server situation stopped being so great. However, thanks to my good friend Daniel, new situations have arisen, and in its entirety has moved. What should this mean for you? Not much … Continue reading

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Be It Resolved

By official mandate, there shall be a new Rule: No more IHOP coffee for Scholl. Ever. My name is Toad, and I approve this message.

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