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New Anti-Spam Measures

So, I’ve installed a new anti-spam plugin on the blog. It should be completely transparent to the end-user, unless you aren’t using a java-script enabled browser, in which case it will tell you why you can’t post, but since just … Continue reading

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For the information of those who read these updates (a paltry demographic, I know) the following. Sunday morning, at approximately 1630Z (8:30 local time) I completed my first solo flight. The weather was calm during taxi to the runway. During … Continue reading

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A moron for a king

Someone tell me how a reduction in quantity of about one million times still leaves “more than half” left. In other news, Wikipedia rocks. Continue reading

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Practice practice practice

From Luke 16:10 and Mere Christianity. There is never an action which does not shape our character. This is why I try (often unsuccessfully, true) to do my homework, act honorably in computer games (especially when they don’t reward it), not cheat … Continue reading

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