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Improved PB&J

Posted in Articles by Ziggy Monday September 2, 2013 at 12:28

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwitch is a classic of USA fare. Also, like many things USA, it is sloppy, short lived, over-sweet, and viewed by many as more than a little juvenile.

Setting aside these problems, what can be done to improve it? As with all improvements, we must first fix our goals. I don’t mind the sweetness, or the associations with childhood, but I do resent how perishable and messy it is. Here’s a diagram of the main problems I’d like to fix.


Planar layers result in leakage and jelly-bread saturation. The bread gets soggy and the jelly spills out!

In short, the jelly saturates the bread in as little as an hour’s time, and also tends to leak out the sides. Of course, such a design is easy to fabricate, but that’s all that can really be said in favor of this approach.

In handling such a sticky problem, we can learn something from observation of the failure modes. Note that the bread on the peanut butter side does not become soaked with jelly fluid. (more…)

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