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Simple Example Debate Script

Posted in Other by Ziggy Saturday March 14, 2009 at 20:10

I was looking around on the internet for a good, short, example debate for children. Finding nothing convincing, I wrote this up. It is intended as an informal example of a formal debate. Please let me know if there are any major problems with this format or style, since I am not a debate person myself.

Mashed potatoes… Blessing or Bane?

“Mashed potatoes are a staple of american and irish food. Some people like them, and some people do not. We have here the Pro side and the Con side, to present their views on mashed potatoes. We will have the Pro side first.”

Pro side speaks:
“Mashed potatoes are healthy, and delicious. They are cheap, which makes this fantastic food accesable to the poor and rich alike. They are easy to eat, which is important to people with braces, or without teeth. They can also be sculpted into many shapes. Since they are white, food coloring has a dramatic effect. Overall, mashed potatoes are good tasting, good for you, and good looking.

Con side speaks:
“Mashed potatoes are a blight on the culinary landscape, a colorless, tasteless, paste-like staple food. Their high carb content can cause weight gain. Without the skin, they have almost no nutritional value. Many times, mashed potatoes are reconstituted from freeze dried crumbs, further eliminating valuable vitamins. Overall, whole grains like rice or whole wheat have better flavor and texture, and carry more nutritional value.

Con side counters Pro side’s arguments:
Although cheap and easy to consume, potatoes are merely on par with rice and wheat. A wheat paste (such as cream of wheat) or raw cooked rice can provide the same nutritional value, at a lower cost. Mentioning the sculpture value of food is frankly laughable, as is raising points about colorability. Who really cares if they can make a realistically colored sculpture with their food? Food is for eating! Really, who would want to eat mashed potatoes when they could be eating something better tasting and better for you.

Pro side counters Con side’s arguments:
Far from tasteless, mashed potatoes take on the flavor of many other foods, allowing them to amplify and support a full spectrum of flavor. Any food can be rendered less nutritional through processing. Potatoes without the skin, or highly processed mashed potatoes will of course be of a lower quality than fresh food. This does not in any way diminish the potential of the food to be counted among the favorites of the world. Although wheat and rice are widely available, many choose potatoes, and mash them with relish.

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