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PS Cast: God and Fear

A bit more religious than normal, this is mostly about Christians. It’s also a bit more confused than normal. I think I started talking before I had really thought this through. There’s some stuff in there addressed at non-Christians as … Continue reading

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PS Cast: Music Videos, Audio, Visual, Tools, and Associated Rambling

Well, here’s another doozy of an episode. Wide-ranging and soporific. Enjoy listening to: Sights Sounds and Tools Transcript below: [Musical Intro] Hey there gentlemen, ladies, and children of all kinds? Ages? How does it go? I don’t know how it goes.

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Delayed Laborfication

As a bit of preamble: I’m not entirely sure what I intended this post to be, or quite how it wound up.  I suppose it’s probably something of a confessional or a testimonial, at this point; maybe a reflection upon the … Continue reading

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A Song about Engineers

ShooTheEngineers Based on some good advice that I got in college from one of the professors. Lyrics below the fold: Enjoy!

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PS Cast: Work Ethic

Today I talk about Japan’s Work Ethic compared to the one in the US. [Terrible Musical Intro] Welcome to a rainy day Paul Spooner Podcast. So I was thinking about the way that people have… [musical intro continues] Hmm, I may have … Continue reading

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PS Cast: Filler & Funny Voices

This week I talk in some funny voices, and say “um” a lot. (Editor’s note: There are a few blatant lies in this episode, see if you can spot them.) Filler and Funny Voices Transcript below: That’s right folks it’s the … Continue reading

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