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The coming Crazy Weekend

Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday October 23, 2008 at 23:20

Hey all! I’ve been having a productive time up here in Seattle. Getting lots done on Project London, though not much else… Working a solid eight hours every day doing 3d graphics, it’s been pretty intense.
This weekend is the 48 hour film festival, I’m on call for post-production and 3d special effects. Should be sweet, and it certainly will be short. Starts this Friday, though I probably won’t be doing anything important until late Saturday some time. Hopefully we’ll get a great little movie out of it!
The weather has been lovely, though not as much rain as I had hoped. Ian says it’s all getting saved up for Halloween.
That’s what’s going on! I’ve posted a few photos from the trip on my website.

In Town

Posted in Other by Ziggy Saturday October 18, 2008 at 17:24

I arrived at Ben’s place late Sunday night (the 11th). Spent the night there, chilled with him Monday morning. Good to see him again, would have been nice to stay longer and just relax.
Instead, I drove off that afternoon to Seattle. I met Eric Smith, and checked out an apartment with him. Then we drove to his house for dinner. I got lost in a rainstorm on the way, but made it eventually after some over-the-phone instructions. Dinner with the Smith family was pleasant. I got re-introduced to everyone, including the new arrival, Amy. Life is quite busy around the smith’s place with the new baby and all, it feels a lot like home in many ways.
Tuesday morning I drove over and met Ian Hubert! We got along quite well, and I’m looking forward to a productive time working on Project London with him. I’m now rather well settled in both at the Smiths and the Huberts (IE, I have house keys for both residences) and the dust is beginning to rise on rapid 3d modeling progress! Aside from the work, I’ve enjoyed hanging out with Ian and his friends, watching movies, making waffles, swinging swords around, eating lunch… Mmm, I need some lunch probably.

I’ll keep you all posted, so far so good!

To Eugene and beyond!

Posted in Other by Ziggy Sunday October 12, 2008 at 11:27

Greetings all. I’m currently staying with one of Deborah’s friends in Eugene. Probably hanging out today and then arriving in Seattle either late tonight, or mid-day Monday.
So far all is going well. Deborah and I made good time driving up and arrived in high spirits. We’ve been hanging out with some of her friends since then. More news later!

The Next Endeavour(s)

Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday October 9, 2008 at 13:05

As of Friday (tomorrow) I will be officially un-employed and on my way to Seattle. My 2.45 years at Meissner Filtration Products have been a great experience. I’ve never worked in a better environment, and I somehow doubt there are many companies with a more relaxed culture. Still, my heart isn’t in the work, and it is time to move on.

Once in Seattle, I’ll be working directly with the director of Project London, doing 3d special effects in Blender. I’ve always loved 3d graphics, and being able to do something like this is very exciting. I’ll also be able to spend some time with my brother Ben, and see more of the Pacific North-West. Looking forward to the rain too.

I’ll probably be heading back to Camarillo around Thanksgiving. I promised a few people that I would try to keep in touch, so I’ll be posting on this blog more frequently than I’m used to.

Also, Anna Tabor and I are mutually persuing the possibility of marriage. We’re not engaged yet, but that’s where this is headed. Just thought the sundry readership might want to know.

Overall, lots of interesting surprises seem to be in God’s hands for the future.

Edit: Turns out we got married after all! And, living in the Seattle area now! Exclamation points!

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