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Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday November 20, 2014 at 21:27

My six year old computer failed to POST when I pulled it out of mothballs after several years of disuse. I figured the graphics card might have been the problem (based on previous issues), so I bought a new one and installed it.
Still failed to POST.
Disconnected the harddrives, the graphics card, still nothing. Finally, in desperation, I pulled the memory out, which made the computer quite unhappy. On replacing the sticks one at a time, it appeared that one was bad, but reversing the sticks (swapping the slots they were installed in) seemed to fix the problem… and now everything is fine?

I’m posting this from the computer itself, so it seems like it worked. Except now HTTPS won’t verify… maybe it has to do with me still running XP.

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