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Take it Easy

Take it easy. It’s something my dad has said for a long time, as a farewell. Until today, I pretty much thought of it as just that: a farewell. Yesterday, however, I said something to Eric Perry that made me … Continue reading

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I analyze things. It’s what I do. I scrutinize and examine, I evaluate and compare. I do this to find out what is good. I search for excellence and truth. On the other hand, I often ignore significant discrepancies  In food, … Continue reading

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“…a privilege, not a right!”

Today in Sr. Design, Dr. Hellmuth repeated something from last week’s devotion–that prayer is a privilege. I remembered him saying that it is a great privilege, and that we should treat it as such, and exercise it as often as … Continue reading

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Check out the crazy fish tank! It’s a work in progress, but the form seems to work well. Now all I need is a heater and some fish. Like it says on the site, the project was inspired by hampster … Continue reading

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Take a look at this Ok, that’s not what I’m writing about. But it’s darned funny anyway. I want to write about personalities. Keep in mind that what follows is purely speculation, comments and development are eagerly sought. One major … Continue reading

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For those interested, I’m putting up screenshots of my Night Elf Hunter in the WoW Stress test here . Enjoy. New Pics up!

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New Pictures

A heads up for those interested, a new section of pictures is available at my wedding site. In other news, school started this past Tuesday, and I bought $650 of books today. College books are WAY too expensive. In more … Continue reading

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