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Take it Easy

Posted in Articles by Toad Thursday September 30, 2004 at 06:55

Take it easy. It’s something my dad has said for a long time, as a farewell. Until today, I pretty much thought of it as just that: a farewell. Yesterday, however, I said something to Eric Perry that made me think, and that thinking changed how I heard what my dad said. Yesterday I saw Eric Perry, a fellow Bandit, in the halls of Glaske, the science/engineering building here on campus. On my asking how he was doing, he replied, “Oh, tired and overworked, like every other LeTourneau student.” Instantly the thought except for me flashed through my mind. I said, without really thinking about it, “Well, don’t work so hard that you can’t enjoy life.” He muttered something about trying.

That’s what got me thinking. (more…)


Posted in Other by Ziggy Monday September 27, 2004 at 17:54

I analyze things. It’s what I do. I scrutinize and examine, I evaluate and compare. I do this to find out what is good. I search for excellence and truth.

On the other hand, I often ignore significant discrepancies  In food, in entertainment, in other’s words, and especially in myself. (more…)

“…a privilege, not a right!”

Posted in Articles by Toad Tuesday September 21, 2004 at 19:27

Today in Sr. Design, Dr. Hellmuth repeated something from last week’s devotion–that prayer is a privilege. I remembered him saying that it is a great privilege, and that we should treat it as such, and exercise it as often as possible. That got me thinking, about rights and exercising rights, something which Ziggy and I have had a few conversations about. That sparked me to think about the difference between a privilege and a right.

When Ziggy and I discussed rights, he was always, or at least often, an advocate of execising rights simply because you have them. (more…)


Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday September 16, 2004 at 07:42

Check out the crazy fish tank! It’s a work in progress, but the form seems to work well. Now all I need is a heater and some fish. Like it says on the site, the project was inspired by hampster tubes. So far there are no major leaks (one slow leak on one joint, but that may be from the tube, not the seal) and the air bubble pump works splendidly. Stay tuned for updates. There should be fish shooting around the tubes pretty soon!

Just tacking on a great comic link. It’s so true.


Posted in Articles by Ziggy Saturday September 4, 2004 at 13:26

Take a look at this
Ok, that’s not what I’m writing about. But it’s darned funny anyway.

I want to write about personalities. Keep in mind that what follows is purely speculation, comments and development are eagerly sought. One major personality disctinction is the in/extrovert duality. I have heard it said that introverts are energized when alone, and find being around people drains them. Extroverts undergo the oposite process, being energized when in a social setting, and becoming weary when alone. My purpose is to ask, why?
Why are personalities, the ability to think and work, affected so much by the presence of others? This could be linked to some people needing to talk to think about their ideas, except for those people who are extroverts (energized by social settings) and yet hardly talk at all. The english words are constructed from the latin “to turn inward” or “to turn outward” and are used in medicine to describe very literal physical behaviour. Is it because the spirit of the introvert turns inward, and the presence of others forces him out of his natural state? Does the spirit of the extrovert feed on the presence of others, and without that presence become hungry? I do not know the answers. However, it does seem strange that this behaviour does not seem strange to us. It is so universally common that we accept it without questioning what causes it.
A few speculations. Introverts tend to embrace philosophy (theough self examination) or narsissism (self love). Extroverts tent toward building others up, or tearing others down (encoragers or cynics if you will). Neither personality seems more or less pre-disposed toward good, as either can be equally sanctified or corrupted.

Being a self-proclaimed introvert I can’t claim much knowlege of others personalities and relationships, so I submit these thoughts to you who are disposed to ponder them.


Posted in Other by Aranoth Saturday September 4, 2004 at 11:05

For those interested, I’m putting up screenshots of my Night Elf Hunter in the WoW Stress test here . Enjoy.

New Pics up!

New Pictures

Posted in Other by Toad Friday September 3, 2004 at 19:54

A heads up for those interested, a new section of pictures is available at my wedding site.

In other news, school started this past Tuesday, and I bought $650 of books today. College books are WAY too expensive.

In more interesting news, my wife is REALLY cute in the discontinued shirt of this picture.

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