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A contrast

Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday January 31, 2008 at 22:37

I rode my bike today. After, while I was feeling tired, my thoughts turned to prayer. As I lifted my eyes to speak with God I caught a glimpse of my total incapacity to influence Him.
Here I am, a creature, created, exhausted. My powers are consumed, not by any great act, not by an effort of battle, foresight, or creation, but that of merely carrying myself about. I am weary from conveying myself!
And there He is, The Being, The Creator, The Strong One. His powers are poured out. He fights all our foes. He sees all our troubles. He makes all things. He carries all on his shoulders. He needs none to help Him.
So I come to Him in petition, not as a solicitor (for could I exchange?), nor a councilor (for what insight could I offer?). I must come as a child, saying “Daddy! Have you seen my toy? Look, I hurt my knee! What are you doing Daddy? Can I come too?”

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