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New Baby!

Posted in Children,Other by Ziggy Saturday June 29, 2013 at 11:15

Name: Theodore Valorous Spooner

Weight: 3.56kg (7lb 13oz)

Length: 51cm (20in)

DOB: 2013-06-28T15:05Z

IMG_4071 IMG_4063

Trivia: We had trouble coming up with a good name. I was fascinated with Väinämöinen for a bit, but Anna talked me out of it. Were thinking about Alfred for a while too. The colorful hat and blanket (and booties, but no photos) were made by my very talented mother.

The Conspiracy of the Upright

Posted in Articles by Ziggy Thursday June 27, 2013 at 10:00

Does it blend? With the environment I mean. Things that blend in are generally considered camouflaged. Considerable effort is taken to make out-of-place things blend in. Military hardware, communications towers, facial blemishes. But you only put camouflage on things that don’t belong. No one disguises a tree in a forest. You don’t need to. It’s invisible. It fits.

Goodness is like that. (more…)

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