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Ok…this probably isn’t very interesting but I had to tell someone. In the Navy’s own words: “Effective immediately…a block has been placed to prevent users from downloading executable (.exe) files from any Internet sources other than .mil sites. This block … Continue reading

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Today, all of our stuff got here. Lots of stuff. 31 boxes of stuff. It’s also no less than 4 entire days late, a fact that–along with some loud complaints– earned us a $100 rebate on our shipping deal. It’s … Continue reading

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Pardon my French…

So I was thinking in the shower this morning, and I thought about why people swear. Perhaps this isn’t always why people swear, but it seems to me that people swear largely because they let themselves feel an emotion that … Continue reading

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Music Camp

Well, I’m back from music camp. First of all, the drive to and from was surprisingly pleasant. Kevin is great to talk to, as long as you don’t want to go into some technical subject. Camp itself was great. We … Continue reading

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