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SpoOratory Ep5

Posted in SpoOratory by Ziggy Saturday May 12, 2018 at 11:05

A half-cast today. Just Luke and I were recorded, but we were talking about intra-family dynamics and business stuff.


Also present at various times, but not audible, were Kevin, Travis, and Ben. Recorded 2016-02-04.

00:21 Hierarchy of social needs

00:34 Luke’s theory of prefferentialism

02:26 Paul’s deep conversations

04:44 Parents mature with experience

06:01 Paul’s message from Dad

08:39 Possible to waste time in socializing

10:23 Keeping to ourselves isn’t a problem per-se

11:57 Luke’s turning point in his relationship with Kevin

14:30 The Norwegian social dynamic

16:51 Talking about Ben’s pending divorce

22:09 Entreprenuralism

24:01 Metaspike

25:03 Mind mapping (kinda like this only with fuzzy values instead of binary ones)

28:36 Astral Clubhouse

29:26 How to meet babes

30:20 Favorite hangouts

30:54 Entreprenuralism again! I said entreprenuralism again!

31:23 Travis is always quitting his job

34:26 Too many ideas, not enough implementation

34:44 Shapeways plug

35:37 3D model commissions plug

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