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Wanderlust and poems

Posted in Articles by Ziggy Tuesday November 2, 2004 at 19:48

Do you ever feel like wandering out in the rain?
I wrote this poem over the summer. It was during the time of day that I was working for the United States navy. I tried to work hard, but sometimes there just wasn’t enough work to go around. I hope you enjoy the poem, and are able to overlook its quirkiness.  I really love poetry, if well crafted, and I intend to expand on this particular piece some day.
Poetry and stories. Sounds and words. (more…)


Posted in Other by Ziggy Monday November 1, 2004 at 13:11

And now, for you flaming pumpkin pleasure, I present to you, The Flaming Pumpkin!
Well… I thought it was cool.

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