SpoOratory Ep4

Lots of talk about lots of things. Recorded 2016-01-28


01:03 The Witness (the game)

04:37 Refracting Consciousness

10:24 The Gloria in Perelandra

21:40 Travis is here!

26:07 How to make a bluetooth speaker?

34:57 Biblical perspectives on divorce and polygamy.

1:11:45 The fruits of the Spirit.

1:12:54 Vain glory and lawgivers.

1:14:22 Interpereting the New Testament positively.

1:16:02 Different okaynesses, different universes.

1:16:56 Laws enforceable by violence need escape clauses.

1:19:16 Shaming as bullying.

1:19:58 Shameless proselytizing.

1:27:42 Kevin?

1:28:36 Kevin!

1:29:03 When will Ben move?

1:31:50 Ladies love the short bus?

1:33:33 Video capture card.

1:34:03 Kevin’s craziest two weeks.

1:44:15 Ben needs to go.

1:47:56 Paul talks about work.

1:49:09 Hannah Barbara animated “Stories from the Bible” and it’s profound effect on our scripture knowledge.

1:49:30 Closing comments about kids and stuff.

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