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Roadside Emergency

I’m riding my motorcycle, having just pulled away from the stop light. The day is cool and overcast, and the clouds are bright in the creases, as if lit by a day-long lightning bolt. The gentle hills to either side rustle … Continue reading

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Septacrypt Decoding

This is the Septacrypt. I designed it as a riddle and a message. What follows is a step-by-step guide to unraveling its intended meaning. But first, the… Motivation This project started several years ago, as I pondered the philosophical quandary … Continue reading

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Real Theoretical Conundrum

I am struggling with a system I don’t completely understand. Running a sequence of tests. Suddenly! Struck by an expression which is exactly what I wanted. An image of my deepest hopes, long longed for but never fully expressed. A … Continue reading

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Bee Hive

A couple years ago, my wife and I defeated a wasp nest. A year after buying our house, we discovered another wasp nest up under the attic vents. They can’t get into the attic itself, and they are pretty far … Continue reading

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PS Cast: Tryop

The company that I talk about in this episode has turned into Tryop. Er, here’s the Proto-Tryop Podcast, filled with egotistical speculation. Transcript:

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Swarm Technology

So, I’ve been thinking about laser trackers and large envelope precision manufacturing recently. Mostly because I’ve been working in an aircraft factory for the past five months. Here are a few of my conclusions. Swarm Technology (1.3MB pdf file) I’m convinced the concept … Continue reading

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“Intellectual Property” is Wicked Nonsense

To people everywhere, and those especially who ponder excellence: Ideas can’t be stolen, they can only be made real. Herein I seek to demonstrate the idea of “intellectual property” is childish, false, and wicked. I may also delve a bit … Continue reading

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Singapore: Boldly Go!

I recently spent a week in Singapore. I think I could safely say that it was one of my least relaxing vacations so far, but that’s entirely my fault. I didn’t even have my wife and kids with me, so I can’t … Continue reading

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A Song about Engineers

ShooTheEngineers Based on some good advice that I got in college from one of the professors. Lyrics below the fold: Enjoy!

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PS Cast: Work Ethic

Today I talk about Japan’s Work Ethic compared to the one in the US. [Terrible Musical Intro] Welcome to a rainy day Paul Spooner Podcast. So I was thinking about the way that people have… [musical intro continues] Hmm, I may have … Continue reading

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