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Governmental Parenting

Posted in Other by Toad Sunday August 21, 2005 at 20:49

I rummaged around on Yahoo! and Google a bit, and found a cache of this post. I will also include a few of the comments (8 of 21) after the post itself.

In order to properly understand the context of this post, you will need to read this post on Scholl’s blog, and the following comments. I wrote this originally as a comment for that blog post, but when I saw how long it was, I felt it would be better treated over here.

I believe that children should be protected, even ‘pre-emptively’ even if that protection must be from their parents. The Government, however, has no place in that protection. (more…)

Ooh, Shiny!

Posted in Other by Toad Wednesday August 17, 2005 at 16:38

Okay, so it’s probably actually old and dusty. Regardless of its hygiene, however, I found a backup that I made that was surprisingly more up-to-date than I expected. I remembered the occasion on which this backup was made, but thought that I had opted not to make it (don’t ask me why). Turns out that I did make it, I just had to find it. Find it I have, and now all but two or three of our old posts are once again available for your perusal.

The request for the text of any missing posts still stands, especially the post “Governmental Parenting.” If you have that, feel free to e-mail me or comment it here. Also, the backup was a database backup, and did not include the customized style sheet, so I think we’ll be sticking with the new look. Suggestions, comments, and so forth are always welcome!


Posted in Other by Toad Wednesday August 17, 2005 at 11:34

Well, the latest is in from all fronts: apparently, spykids hosed the forum system I use for my WoW Guild as well (which fortunately was an easy fix, and gave me a good excuse to update to the newest phpBB), and Jav doesn’t have any backups for my database. So, we start over. I found this theme, LastRegrets, and Jeff and I rather like it, but if you find something else that you think we just must take a look at, let us know and we will do so. Bear in mind that I’m quite the fan of a left-hand sidebar, so if you tell me to look at something with a right-hand sidebar, it would have to be really good to get more than a glance from me.

If you happen to have any of my old posts cached, I’d gladly take them (particularly some of the more recent ones). The Araben story I have, and I’ll repost it when I’m less angsty.

Curses. Lots of Curses.

Posted in Other by Toad Wednesday August 17, 2005 at 07:09

Sometime during the night, a “clever” individual saw fit to replace several of the blog files with the phrase “spykids pwnz you”. While the movie by the same name is entertaining, especially for, well, kids, I was unappreciative of spykids’ apparent “pwnz”ing. I took the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress 1.5.2, and all should have been right in the world again.

However, the upgrade tool hated me. And if it wasn’t the upgrade tool, I don’t know WHAT it was, other than that it wasn’t me. When I got the Blog back to something that would actually load up and look like something intelligible, the database was, well, empty, and all was NOT right in the world again. There may have actually been wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Sadly, I have not lately been a clever Toad, and my database backups are sorrowfully outdated, and restoring to them would be not unlike starting over with nothing on the blog. I’m getting in touch with the server admin, and hoping he has something a bit more up-to-date than I do. I’m also a lazy Toad, and an angry Toad, and don’t really feel like piecing my exquisitely altered simple-green style sheet back together color by color, and am hoping Jav has a backup of that file, since apparently I never made one. This, too, causes me bitterness. Just in case Jav does NOT have a backup of my style sheet, any suggestions as to a new theme would be greatly appreciated, because getting all those colors the way we had them took Jeff and me a good couple hours of edit, upload, refresh ad nauseum. You can search for such themes by googling phrases such as “wordpress themes.” Figure that one out.

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