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Chalice of Dire Delight

Very few fail at that which is weak. I want to investigate one of the greatest things that God has made. One of the highest metaphors. Arguably the means through which God chiefly reveals his love for us. The relationship … Continue reading

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I believe Toad’s mention of the topic of fogriveness bears special notice. Two principles are evident in the working of the forgiveness of sins. The first is the acknowledgement of our guiltiness, the second being the graciousness of God. That God should … Continue reading

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Comment Spam

As a matter of protocol, I’m informing you all that we got comment spammed. I blame Scholl. One of these days, I’ll find someone who writes the things to send out comment and e-mail spam, and I might actually just … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and Other Pictures and Idiots

First off, I’m not dead. In fact, I’m so not dead, that Mollie and I just had my mom and sister Alison up for Thanksgiving! Just a week after they came, we also put up our very first Christmas lights, … Continue reading

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