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PS Podcast, Populace and Wealth

Posted in Articles,Music,Podcasts,PSCast:S0 by Ziggy Monday June 2, 2014 at 23:29

This is even more of a ramble than usual…

Populace and Wealth

Transcript below:

[Marginally Musical Intro]

That’s right folks, it’s the Paul Spooner Podcast!

The other day I was thinking about how different countries base their laws off of the “standard” population and not necessarily off of the whole population. For example, we pride ourselves in America (In A Marrrca!) we pride ourselves of being inclusive of minorities. We include minorities in the political process, we want to make everyone feel included…

But that’s not really true! We DO have to make our laws to serve someone, and generally those laws are made to serve the majority. (more…)

Nothing to Say. The Man : The Podcast

Posted in Articles,Music,Podcasts,PSCast:S0 by Ziggy Thursday May 29, 2014 at 18:45

I have Nothing to Say. And boy do I say it.

Transcript below:

Well, last time I did a really long rant about cars and driving, and how we should all drive differently and how people should die on the roads! If you haven’t listened to it… I mean, and you’ve got a bunch of time, aah, go ahead and listen to it. I’ll try to keep it a little shorter today!

Today I have run out of things to talk about so this is the last… This is going to be the last podcast! It’s, uh, it’s all over! It’s been a good run, but, ahh, now it’s done! (more…)

Driving Improvements, Nagoya Podcast

Posted in Articles,Music,Podcasts,PSCast:S0 by Ziggy Wednesday May 28, 2014 at 06:32

So, this is a topic that’s been on my mind for a while. Like, probably since I was about five years old. The way our roads are regulated is silly and wasteful. Fortunately, you’ve got me to point out how we can improve things… In a rambling sort of way. Download here: Driving Improvements or listen below.

In case there’s no time, let me sum up:

  1. Improve how we think about transport. Less focus on safety, more focus on efficiency.
  2. Improve traffic lights. Give them more sensors, allow them to telegraph their internal state (about to change green, as well as about to change red), and improve the incentives for keeping the programming updated.
  3. Improve traffic laws to penalize causing delays instead of penalizing “unsafe” behavior such as speeding. Stop pulling people over for superficial infractions (as this only causes delays). Train people to drive in packs.
  4. Improve driver skill by giving special privileges and status to drivers who exhibit fast and efficient driving (instead of penalizing them, as is the current practice), and encourage others to follow their example.

Full transcript below: (more…)

Podcast from Nagoya

Posted in Articles,Music,Podcasts,PSCast:S0 by Ziggy Monday May 26, 2014 at 07:23

Get the podcast here:

Transcript below:

[Marginally Musical Intro]

Hey there folks, it’s the Paul Spooner Podcast, from the car. That’s right! I’m driving right now, back from work, in Nagoya Japan.

There’s a truck merging in front of me; You know the trucks here are very interesting. So in Japan trucks are cute! And by “cute” I mean “small and round.” The cars are smaller, generally, than American cars, and I think probably this has to do with the fact that (more…)

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