Project London and Blender Models

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to Project London (Perhaps you don’t care at all)? Well, read on (or get lost)!

A few years ago, I quit my job and spent six weeks in Seattle making 3D models for a no-budget film that hasn’t come out yet. The reason it’s not out yet is that making a movie is a ton of work! After the 3D model part got done (about two years ago) they had to get picture lock, which involves deciding “We’re happy with how it looks right now, even though the sound is unfinished.” This is really hard to do because sound is a very effective tool to impart believably; Unfortunately the sound guys need picture lock so they can do their thing. (this isn’t strictly true, but it makes it lots easier on the sound guys if the scenes aren’t changing all the time while they are trying to establish mood and sync footsteps and stuff)

So after picture lock, sound design began in earnest. For whatever reason, Ian had a lot harder time getting a sound team working efficcently, and sound design dragged on and on. I actually helped to create some sound effects, even though I have no experience in sound design. Just shows how desperate they were. In the end, the producer and director decided “Let’s just raise some money and hire professionals.” And that’s where this post comes in.

When I started working on Project London, I signed an NDA saying I wouldn’t leak information about the script, the models, or anything I knew without express permission. Some of my best modeling work I’ve ever done was for Project London, but I’ve been largely unable to show it off. Until now.

So here they are, all of the (major) Blender models I made for Project London. Please donate so we can get this thing off the ground!

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