Slink or Swim

Have you seen this? Sound farmiliar? These things show up all over the place. The trick is that no one has actually done it yet… something about the millions of dollars of capital invested into a very low rate of return, possibly useless, and definately untested venture. The ocean is probably the worst enviroment on the planet from an engineering and materials point of view. Intense sunlight, constant motion, salt water, air, humidity, hostile life forms, and violent storms all mix to form an engineer’s worst nightmare. Add a half cup of limited oceanic vocations, and three tablespoons of crazy idealists. Place in oven until half-baked and serve to your favorite frenzied media outlet in hopes that investors will come, cash in hand.

Really, no one quite knows who, what, when, where, or why people will begin permanent habitation of the ocean. Sometimes I wish they did.

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