Life and Times – 20060502

So, I’m graduating and stuff. And moving back to California. And in a last-minute turn of events, I’m NOT going back to work for NFESC. Two weeks ago, God dropped a new job right in my lap. This new job is at Budlong & Associates, a small engineering firm that offers “Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Engineering” services to the local business world. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology in that context, “Mechanical” essentially means “HVAC.” Yes, I will be designing plumbing and heating/air-conditioning systems for business throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Now, one of the great things about this is that Budlong’s main office is actually in Camarillo (actually in Mission Oaks, on Verdugo way, for those who are familiar with the area), which means that it’s about a 7 minute drive from where Mollie and I will be living, and close enough for me to ride a bike (which would be good for my health). Now, just a week before God dropped that job in my lap, he dropped a home in my lap, as well: Mollie and I will be renting a flat behind some friends’ house for a great bargain, which will save us nearly as much per month on living expenses as we pay for them here in Longview. This setup was really a godsend, since we’re essentially “moving blind,” since we don’t have a chance to actually visit any apartments/rental homes before we go, and this way we know the landlords, and that we’ll be well treated. If you want our new address, e-mail me, and I’ll get it to you.

So, now we’re moving. More accurately, we’re packing to move, and our house is full of boxes of all sizes (but only one color). It’s kind of weird to know that a lot of the things we’re doing this week–regular, routine things–are actually the last time we’re going to be doing this particular thing, with these particular people. Tuesday night dinner and House with the Scholls will be gone after tonight. I’m probably never again going to sit in Mr. Warke’s office and chat with the only professor I’ve had who actually thought like I do about education. It’s not bad… it’s just weird.

Finally, I’m actually writing this blog post in lynx, a command-line web browser, running in xterm, in Gentoo, which is still compiling Gnome. If you care about that, you understood it all. If you didn’t understand a word of it, you don’t care. 🙂

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  1. Dan says:

    Wow, thank God. Sounds like things are going well. I had heard that Budlong had moved to Camarillo, but I didn’t realize they were so close to my old house.

    Have a great trip.

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