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Posted in Articles by Ziggy Friday August 26, 2011 at 14:09

I was looking at games the other day. Figured I’d support the Indie scene and… what’s this? SpaceChem? Okay, that looks like something I’d enjoy. I picked it up along with a couple others.

Turns out I was disastrously right. Here’s why:

SpaceChem is a training tool for many of the skills I value.  Process optimization, design problems, spatial layout, programming, continuous flow problems. It fits snugly in my mind.

There is no “right” solution (just like in real life!), only better, worse, and wrong.

I find SpaceChem really difficult. There’s a constant struggle to create a linked sequence of elegant solutions to unique process challenges.

I think I’m good at it. Judging from the “others solutions” charts (which is a brilliant idea by the way) I’m coming in below average (which is good, since they are all minimize optimal) on all three metrics at once. Consistently. Often on the first try. Of course, this only drives me to attempt ever more elegant solutions, making the game harder.

The game concept is very nanotechnology relevant, which I love. These kind of design problems could end up being very applicable in the near future, so it feels even more real and useful.

So there you go. SpaceChem is just as fun as it looks. Also, super difficult. Okay. I’m done.


  1. At your recommendation, I have played through the SpaceChem demo. It is as tremendous as you say. A game that is fun, but thought-provoking? What’s this? Heresy!

    Said by Toad 9/2/2011 at about 15:23

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  3. I like Minecraft and Stardew Valley, because I can build cool things, and create your own character.

    Said by Leah and Charlette 9/23/2017 at about 17:30

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