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Starship Log: 01A

Posted in Starship Log by Ziggy Monday July 25, 2011 at 11:58

Heard a couple of engineers complaining about the temperature in their quarters. Apparently they are propping their doors open at night. Almost makes all the hassle worth it. Spent most of today finishing the disassembly. Tomorrow is scheduled doing the in-place particle scrubs.

The heat plates slide into static baffles, which the air has to flow over. The particle scrubbers have reach into the convolutions in order to pass the particle count tests. If the plates were integral with the baffles then everything would come out at once. I asked the engineers about it during lunch today. They said it had something to do with manufacturability, fluid efficiency, and mass savings. Whatever it is, they’re the ones suffering, not me.

Had a scare today in life support. There was a pure oxygen leak. Had to evacuate two sectors for a purge and scrub. No detonation, thankfully. I think the oxygen levels for the whole ship rose above 0.3% before it was contained. It’s easy to forget that just one major failure could kill us all. EP-61-4 is looking more inviting by the hour.

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