Starship Log: 017

The mission is going forward! The whole maintenance team spent the day re-tuning the drive nodes for orbital insertion. I had a bit of trouble with the doors; It seems they recognized my crew ID and went into high-security mode. I had to get Dirk to clear me for access. Not sure why security is such an issue; I’d feel safer if everything was unlocked.

Lunch in the arbor was pleasant. Cathy and Don spent most of it talking about possible alien pathogens and how they could be counteracted. As far as I can tell Cathy prefers inoculation while Don supports designed counter-predators. I’m just hoping that there aren’t any bugs to begin with.

As I was writing this log, the service fee came in for having lunch served in a non-standard public area. Figures there’s a reason no-one else is doing it. It’s not prohibitive though, and the arbors are really pretty. It reminds me of my mom’s garden back on Shohs. Still though, I can visit after hours without incurring fees. Why are there fees anyhow? It’s not like the bots are doing anything in their free time.

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