Starship Log: 015

The kick was really strange. Our schedules were synched so we’d be asleep when the kick drive ran. It took about three hours for a ship this size to go all the way to EP-61. There’s a very audible mid range tremble that seems to come from everywhere at once, the kick-tone. Something to do with quantum syncrhonization. It has overtones that just keep going up and up, like a hard wave. I think that what woke most people up. After listening to that for a few minutes I got a sensation like the first day of 0-Gee, when everything felt like falling. The kick was like that, only more confused. Like I was headed multiple directions at once. Made me feel sick, but a dose of 0-Gee meds helped.

Couldn’t sleep though, so I went wandering. It was hard to navigate during the kick, but you can feel your way alright. Probably half the crew were up and congregated in the common areas. The kick-tone made it hard to talk, so it was mostly groggy silence. Kind of unreal, waking up, drifting in the disorienting ringing. I went exploring for a bit, poked around storage. Comforting to see all those containers packed and organized. Went back to my quarters after a bit, finally got back to sleep.

Dirk says that a good portion of the crew couldn’t sleep at all during the kick. Everyone wants to look from the observation room anyhow. He’s logging today as “extended recovery” since we were on cleanup duty for so long. I mostly talked to Earl. He saw the request for the thermal dump deactivation. Mentioned that those things are a bear to put back together. I’ve never worked with them myself; Somehow I doubt it.

Passed the second half of the day playing “pass-take” with an impromptu group from astrogation. They got the time off to celebrate the sucessful kick. Didn’t talk shop much, mostly about back home. These guys have all served in the military. Had some pretty impressive stories!

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