3D commission models and art

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d let all of you loyal readers (Hi Mom!) know that I recently started doing commissions. Fast, quality, and cheap! What else could you ask for? Apply now, before one of the three changes (Too late! As of 2018 It’s no longer as cheap, fast, and quality as it used to be).

I prefer working from concept art or sketches, but I can go off of a description as well. I’ve been doing 3D graphics for a while now. Something about the pure geometry and creativity appeals to me. If you need a 3D model or a rendering of a 3D model, send me an e-mail! I specialize in un-textured models, especially stuff that has to exist in real life, like water-tight geometry for 3d printing, and low poly models for pepakura papercraft fabrication. I’m rubbish at digitizing human faces though, so, you are forewarned. I mean, they will still look like a human, just, probably not anyone you would recognize.

There must be a LargeNumber of 3D modeling services out there, but now…

LargeNumber += 1

Also, I don’t have a place to comment on my 3D models on my website, so this can serve as a place to put those comments. If you’ve seen, enjoyed, wanted to change, despised, or otherwise had anything to say about my 3D graphics, here’s the place! Leave your comments below.

Everything I make is, as far as it depends on me, free from intellectual property restrictions. If you like what I make, and would me to make more of it, consider becoming a patron of my work.

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