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The coming Crazy Weekend

Posted in Other by Ziggy Thursday October 23, 2008 at 23:20

Hey all! I’ve been having a productive time up here in Seattle. Getting lots done on Project London, though not much else… Working a solid eight hours every day doing 3d graphics, it’s been pretty intense.
This weekend is the 48 hour film festival, I’m on call for post-production and 3d special effects. Should be sweet, and it certainly will be short. Starts this Friday, though I probably won’t be doing anything important until late Saturday some time. Hopefully we’ll get a great little movie out of it!
The weather has been lovely, though not as much rain as I had hoped. Ian says it’s all getting saved up for Halloween.
That’s what’s going on! I’ve posted a few photos from the trip on my website.


  1. Hey good to here Iggy is still up to his creative projects. What film festival are you entering?

    Said by jester 10/27/2008 at about 22:39

  2. *Ziggy*, sorry missed a letter there

    Said by jester 10/27/2008 at about 22:40

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