On the brighter side of things

When I read over my recent musing posts I noticed that they are all rather darker than I’d like. Submitted for your approval therefore, a poem of praise.

I live in a little upper room
prepared for those who live aright.
A place I can go to, warm and safe
if I kept the windows closed at night.

But the windows are open, and the world gets in
so I sit downstairs and read and sing
and praise my God who killed my sin
and promised to show me everything

Filled with joy sing praise to thee
my heart sings of Creator’s Love.
The Sonshine washes over me.
and angels echo from above.

Get up to work, sit down to rest
drink morning milk, and evening wine
eat solid food, by heaven blessd’
serve neighbors near, read words divine.

Keep watch and pray, and do not shirk.
Sleep deep, for God approves your work.

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2 Responses to On the brighter side of things

  1. Em says:

    Approval granted. ^_^

  2. Leah and Charlette says:

    Getting up and getting ready for the day and praying is good. It’s good to pray and praise God.

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