Curses. Lots of Curses.

Sometime during the night, a “clever” individual saw fit to replace several of the blog files with the phrase “spykids pwnz you”. While the movie by the same name is entertaining, especially for, well, kids, I was unappreciative of spykids’ apparent “pwnz”ing. I took the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress 1.5.2, and all should have been right in the world again.

However, the upgrade tool hated me. And if it wasn’t the upgrade tool, I don’t know WHAT it was, other than that it wasn’t me. When I got the Blog back to something that would actually load up and look like something intelligible, the database was, well, empty, and all was NOT right in the world again. There may have actually been wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Sadly, I have not lately been a clever Toad, and my database backups are sorrowfully outdated, and restoring to them would be not unlike starting over with nothing on the blog. I’m getting in touch with the server admin, and hoping he has something a bit more up-to-date than I do. I’m also a lazy Toad, and an angry Toad, and don’t really feel like piecing my exquisitely altered simple-green style sheet back together color by color, and am hoping Jav has a backup of that file, since apparently I never made one. This, too, causes me bitterness. Just in case Jav does NOT have a backup of my style sheet, any suggestions as to a new theme would be greatly appreciated, because getting all those colors the way we had them took Jeff and me a good couple hours of edit, upload, refresh ad nauseum. You can search for such themes by googling phrases such as “wordpress themes.” Figure that one out.

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