Well, the latest is in from all fronts: apparently, spykids hosed the forum system I use for my WoW Guild as well (which fortunately was an easy fix, and gave me a good excuse to update to the newest phpBB), and Jav doesn’t have any backups for my database. So, we start over. I found this theme, LastRegrets, and Jeff and I rather like it, but if you find something else that you think we just must take a look at, let us know and we will do so. Bear in mind that I’m quite the fan of a left-hand sidebar, so if you tell me to look at something with a right-hand sidebar, it would have to be really good to get more than a glance from me.

If you happen to have any of my old posts cached, I’d gladly take them (particularly some of the more recent ones). The Araben story I have, and I’ll repost it when I’m less angsty.

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  1. Taj says:

    Yahoo Search has some.

    I found the Yahoo Search cache useful when my server got “hosed” last Christmas.

    This comment has been made less visually unpleasing by the Management.

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