I analyze things. It’s what I do. I scrutinize and examine, I evaluate and compare. I do this to find out what is good. I search for excellence and truth.

On the other hand, I often ignore significant discrepancies  In food, in entertainment, in other’s words, and especially in myself. I think this is why I scrutinize, and the thing I pay the most attention to is words. I search for errors in what people say, especially about God and the state of the universe. What is the truth? That is the question that I seek to answer. Who is God, who are others, and who am I. In this I like to think I follow the Golden Rule, I examine others and dig up their faults because I love it when others examine me and dig up my faults. A few weeks ago someone told me I was being a jerk. It was great! I can not see myself, and so I want others to tell me what THEY see. Sure it hurts to hear it, and to pray about it, and to admit it, but at the same time it is good.

So if you see something in me that you don’t like. TELL ME! PLEASE! I can’t see it when I’m doing it, and I can’t tell you’re annoyed. I probably don’t even know the problem exists.

I know that I’m inviting abuse from all kinds of people (since I’m not really sure who all reads this blog), but I don’t really care. If you have to beat me up to show me my faults… better you than God.

Maybe I have a critical spirit. Maybe I’m over critical of others. Maybe so. Show me the plank in my eye. I can’t see it… there’s a plank in the way.

All this isn’t to say that I will instantly accept any criticism of myself (or anything else). I’ll likely thank you, and then analyze what you have said. It’s what I do.

EDIT: Years later this policy still holds. A word of caution though: You’d best have a decent confidence in your critique. I try to accept advice gracefully, but a strike still has most effect when you follow it through.

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