Today, all of our stuff got here. Lots of stuff. 31 boxes of stuff. It’s also no less than 4 entire days late, a fact that–along with some loud complaints– earned us a $100 rebate on our shipping deal. It’s fun to be opening all the boxes and putting stuff away, especially in the kitchen, which previously was severely lacking in several aspects (e.g. silverware, bakeware, flatware).

Interestingly, today is also the end of a very exciting period of time. With so little stuff, we were forced to improvise a lot, which was actually a lot of fun. Finding ways to eat cereal with no bowls, mix pudding with no mixing bowls, and the like was a very eye-opening experience, which taught us quite a bit about how little you really need to live on, and shattered some myths about household necessities. As a new couple wanting to do our finances right, it was very interesting to see what we do and don’t need to buy, and things of that nature.

That said, it is still nice to have our stuff back (and some stuff we haven’t had before), and we’re looking forward to having all the boxes away from our back window. 😉

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  1. ziggy says:

    Sweet. Welcome back to american stuff-ism! See you soon!

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