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Further Spam Removal

Posted in Other by Toad Sunday February 27, 2005 at 20:07

For those of you that noticed the green hairy comment spam that cropped up while my ‘net connection decided to suck, it has been removed, all some-hundred seen and unseen spams, and the filter has been further updated with spam-blocking information. If any of you know a comment spammer, I would like to point you here.


  1. They really should add image verification (the little image that has a string of text you have to type into a text box) to WP to discourage content spamming programs.

    Said by Dan 3/3/2005 at about 20:04

  2. Yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, really. The last couple days I’ve deleted 50 spams or more from the blocked comments list… it’s a pain.

    Feel like writing me one? 😉

    Said by Toad 3/4/2005 at about 11:13

  3. I ended up killing the comment spam by adding a referer checker to wp-comments-post.php. Add this code right after the <?
    if (strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’],’’)===FALSE) {

    Of course, change to That code was for WP 1.2.

    This would probably work for WP 1.5, which I’m running right now. (Haven’t had any spam attacks to 1.5 yet, however).

    Taj M

    Said by Taj 3/10/2005 at about 16:47

  4. Thanks Taj, I’ll be looking in to that. 🙂

    Said by Toad 3/11/2005 at about 07:28

  5. Yeah, I can code something sometime after finals are done tomorrow afternoon. If you have GD installed on this server, it will be easy to do. If not, then it may take a bit more time.

    Said by Dan 3/13/2005 at about 04:42

  6. Just as a side note, that referrer check will work for most, but it will fail on some users’ browsers since some people use a proxy to mask the REFERER data.

    Said by Dan 3/13/2005 at about 04:44

  7. Here’s the solution:

    Seems to work well for me. 🙂

    Said by Taj 3/23/2005 at about 15:42

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