The Long Drive

Well, we made it back to Longview. I’m sitting here on the floor of our new apartment–which I might add, is outstanding–typing on my computer which is sitting on the floor. We have some stuff to buy. 😉

So, we got here. It took us two nights and three days of driving. Unfortunately, I didn’t space out the driving quite right, and we wound up driving THIRTEEN hours yesterday. Not too bad for me, but Mollie wasn’t exactly thrilled. Oh well, though, all’s well that ends well, right?

The apartment is a great 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, with a living room and dining area, and a kitchen set off by a bar. The unit totals 715 sqft, making it larger than the houses of more than one friend of mine, and even undecorated and unfurnished, it still looks cool.

The biggest bummer is how long it is might take the rest of our stuff to get here. We have 31 boxes coming in a truck which will arrive 1 to 16 days from today, and talking to the people they really can’t be more specific. That means things like our microwave, cookware, silverware, plates, half of Mollie’s clothes, and a whole bunch of gifts we haven’t even opened yet are still on their way, leaving us with a few weeks (maybe) to eat out of an oven.

But hey, we’re married, and we have a place to live.


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3 Responses to The Long Drive

  1. Moore says:

    Does this mean no more Star Wars until 6 am?

  2. Toad says:

    Yeah, probably. It doesn’t rule out gaming altogether, though. Still looking into some possibilities at this point. After all, we could just game at my place, now that it’s so awesome. 😉

  3. ziggy says:

    Wow, sounds great! I hope your stuff gets there soon, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Good to hear from you!

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