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my day

# A summary of a typical day in Python metacode # note, Ziggy.errands and Ziggy.projectlist are dynamic lists # they are managed by the Ziggy.freewill subroutine which is # started in the background when Ziggy initialized. Ziggy.freewill # also runs … Continue reading

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More python! I finally sat down and hacked out some code for something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s a parametric wall generator! The pictures speak for themselves, except to say that each wall takes about two seconds … Continue reading

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Okay Okay Okay I’m learning Python scripting language. It’s been great so far, very fun to be learning code again. Anyhow, today I got to the “Input and Output” section, where you learn how to deal with files and such. … Continue reading

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I want…

…christmas lights like these. Enjoy!

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