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I’m going on vacation this weekend, the 26-28th. I’ll be in Las Cruces, NM, attending the X-Prize Cup with Philip Rawson and associates. I’ll bring back lots of photos for all of you who couldn’t go. It should be a … Continue reading

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cost and price

I’m pretty close to my brother, who majored in economics in school. We talk about all sorts of things, and naturally his bent toward the economic perspective has induced some secondary incandescence in my own thinking. So here’s a thought. I think … Continue reading

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my day

# A summary of a typical day in Python metacode # note, Ziggy.errands and Ziggy.projectlist are dynamic lists # they are managed by the Ziggy.freewill subroutine which is # started in the background when Ziggy initialized. Ziggy.freewill # also runs … Continue reading

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