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The Long Drive

Well, we made it back to Longview. I’m sitting here on the floor of our new apartment–which I might add, is outstanding–typing on my computer which is sitting on the floor. We have some stuff to buy. 😉 So, we … Continue reading

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Thinking is like orbital re-entry. Just hang with me on this one…When a spacecraft re-enters the atmosphere, it has to dissipate a great amount of inertial energy so that it doesn’t hit the ground like a meteor. Using air resistance, … Continue reading

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Best Wishes!

Best wishes to Andy and Mollie on their honeymoon! May they have a truly blessed life together!

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En Memoriam of Bachelorhood

Actually, I’m really quite excited (as could be guessed) that I am losing my bachelorhood tomorrow. In fact, I’m ecstatic. But still, since I’ll be out for a few weeks, I thought I’d toss up a post to remind you … Continue reading

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So, I woke up today and realized something. Come this evening, I’m going to be spending SIX HOURS stuck on an airplane, and I have nothing to do. Joy. Also, as of this point, I have not even begun packing, … Continue reading

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Small Changes

I was feeling in a code-y mood, so I added a few ittle bits of functionality. You can now link to posts by an author both on the side bar and by clicking the author’s name in their posts.

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How to make a killer pun (who dies depends on how you tell it) Dissolution: Think of a fairly common word (compound words work well) and break it up in an unusual way. carpet… car pet! Formulation: Compose a set … Continue reading

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New Author, take 2!

That’s right, we have yet one more contributor. Aranoth has joined the ranks, an addition that I think will about round out the ranks of the Isqua Istari.

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Celebrating 1 Month of Bloghood

That’s right, this blog has been around for a month today. But actuually, the reason I care enough to put up a post is because today is the first day of July, which means that in only 16 days, I … Continue reading

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