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Honor and Authority

Why must we honor when honor is not due?… Continue reading

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Math and circles

I was working on an AutoCAD drawing at work, and started looking around for geometric solutions for tangent circles (despite what one might expect, AutoCAD can’t do everything). Next thing I know, I’m looking at proofs for inversion geometry. Check … Continue reading

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War for Extremism

Most of you probably know that the “global war on terror” is also called the “global war on extremism.” In addition, Condoleeza Rice mentioned in her talks in Lebanon not long ago that she was seeking a way to ensure … Continue reading

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Universal moral prevalence

It turns out that desire, preference, morality, and economics all deal with the same issue, that is, “what is good?” Stretch your eyes to the end of eternity, and all middle ground fades away. Only Good and Evil remain. Continue reading

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