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Governmental Parenting

I rummaged around on Yahoo! and Google a bit, and found a cache of this post. I will also include a few of the comments (8 of 21) after the post itself. In order to properly understand the context of … Continue reading

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Ooh, Shiny!

Okay, so it’s probably actually old and dusty. Regardless of its hygiene, however, I found a backup that I made that was surprisingly more up-to-date than I expected. I remembered the occasion on which this backup was made, but thought … Continue reading

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Well, the latest is in from all fronts: apparently, spykids hosed the forum system I use for my WoW Guild as well (which fortunately was an easy fix, and gave me a good excuse to update to the newest phpBB), … Continue reading

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Curses. Lots of Curses.

Sometime during the night, a “clever” individual saw fit to replace several of the blog files with the phrase “spykids pwnz you”. While the movie by the same name is entertaining, especially for, well, kids, I was unappreciative of spykids’ … Continue reading

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