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Critical Damage and Random Numbers

So I was thinking about critical hits, where some attacks do much more damage than others. Normally, this is just a 2x or 3x bonus. But what if you wanted occasional 30 or 200 times the damage? And what if … Continue reading

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Planet by Oskar, Now with Saves and Keyboard Shortcuts

Oskar Stålberg wrote this lovely little piece of software which he titled his “Polygonal Planet Project”. Unfortunately, it had no keyboard shortcuts or save/load functionality… so Dru hacked it in! It’s currently a single-file “quicksave” sort of functionality, but it seems … Continue reading

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Maya .ma geometry convertor

So, Maya is a piece of 3D design software. Like most major software packages, it have its own file format. The file is plain text, which is nice, but even so there are no converters for it ANYWHERE (that I could … Continue reading

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Personal Programming History of the Toad Kind

After publishing his own personal programming history, Ziggy asked if I might like to write my own.  Since I don’t do a lot of writing, was referred to in the article, and mostly since he asked me to do so, I … Continue reading

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Stories and programming

Over at shamusyoung.com, someone left a comment that it would be cool to write a program in the form of a story. This is both easier and more difficult than it sounds.

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Stadtplan-Dateien (*.sgs) Map File Format

So you may have seen an old program kicking around called “Roleplaying City Map Generator 5.4” which is pretty useful for making city maps. There are a few problems with it, like you can’t edit the map once it’s been … Continue reading

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I was looking at games the other day. Figured I’d support the Indie scene and… what’s this? SpaceChem? Okay, that looks like something I’d enjoy. I picked it up along with a couple others. Turns out I was disastrously right. Here’s why: … Continue reading

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Minecraft Tools

So for a while now I’ve been writing fairly small programs that will add stuff to Minecraft savefiles. I call them scripts, but you could call them programs, tools, software, or mods. The point is, it does something quickly that … Continue reading

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Minecraft Development

Minecraft is a great game. I had the great privilege to write a little code for it: right place + right time + a bit of elbow grease = Sweet! Recently however, a large number of people have been cooking up … Continue reading

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Why you can’t make walls yet

I’ve been working on my little programming project, AutoMasonry, for over two years now. The problem with starting a project, is you never know exactly what you’re getting into. For example, I got the initial test version working in just … Continue reading

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