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Real Theoretical Conundrum

I am struggling with a system I don’t completely understand. Running a sequence of tests. Suddenly! Struck by an expression which is exactly what I wanted. An image of my deepest hopes, long longed for but never fully expressed. A … Continue reading

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Speculative Delusions

I think about how to use the things at hand. It’s kind of like this but for tools and equipment. It happens with skills as well, but much more rarely. My psyche is more focused on possessions than personal powers. … Continue reading

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TUNR: Charge More for Violence

My response to: TUN Slow Down the Violence People play to learn. We want to learn things that are expensive to learn. Killing people is the most expensive thing that we know about, so it makes total sense to learn about it … Continue reading

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Stratasys Catalyst CMB file parser

A company I used to work for owned a Stratasys 3d printer. The program that sends print files to the printer is called CatalystEX, and while it imports industry standard STL files, it exports and saves in the (almost certainly … Continue reading

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“There Is A Redeemer” alternate chorus

The song “There is a Redeemer” was running through my head while driving to work, and I made up another chorus for it… Something like-a-this: Thank you, O my Father, for giving us your life For blessings of food and … Continue reading

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More piano improv

Made while we were down in California visiting in the summer of 2015. The sounds in the background are my children playing with Duplo, wooden blocks, and toys with their grandma, my mother.

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SpoOratory Ep2

It’s the spooner podcast! Ben and Travis play mechs and tonks, then Luke hijacks the conversation with games about insanity at about the 15:00 mark, switching at 21:20 to talk about canon and official lore. 24:42 verges into meta-commentary, followed … Continue reading

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