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GR:SO post-mortem

Hey, Paul Spooner here, doing an animation post-mortem of the Good Robot: Space Opera AMV I made. How it Began The ground was laid for the project in mid-september 2013. Shamus Young had just started working on a 2d shmup game … Continue reading

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Stratasys Catalyst CMB file parser

A company I used to work for owned a Stratasys 3d printer. The program that sends print files to the printer is called CatalystEX, and while it imports industry standard STL files, it exports and saves in the (almost certainly … Continue reading

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Project London and Blender Models

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to Project London (Perhaps you don’t care at all)? Well, read on (or get lost)! A few years ago, I quit my job and spent six weeks in Seattle making 3D models for a no-budget … Continue reading

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3D commission models and art

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d let all of you loyal readers (Hi Mom!) know that I recently started doing commissions. Fast, quality, and cheap! What else could you ask for? Apply now, before one of the three changes (Too late! … Continue reading

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Why you can’t make walls yet

I’ve been working on my little programming project, AutoMasonry, for over two years now. The problem with starting a project, is you never know exactly what you’re getting into. For example, I got the initial test version working in just … Continue reading

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Closing up shop

Well, it’s been fun, but my stint in Seattle as a volunteer 3d artist is coming to a close. I should be back in Camarillo by the 26th. I’ll be trying to finish up some stuff here, get some graphics … Continue reading

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In Town

I arrived at Ben’s place late Sunday night (the 11th). Spent the night there, chilled with him Monday morning. Good to see him again, would have been nice to stay longer and just relax. Instead, I drove off that afternoon … Continue reading

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The Next Endeavour(s)

As of Friday (tomorrow) I will be officially un-employed and on my way to Seattle. My 2.45 years at Meissner Filtration Products have been a great experience. I’ve never worked in a better environment, and I somehow doubt there are … Continue reading

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More python! I finally sat down and hacked out some code for something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s a parametric wall generator! The pictures speak for themselves, except to say that each wall takes about two seconds … Continue reading

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