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Project London and Blender Models

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to Project London (Perhaps you don’t care at all)? Well, read on (or get lost)! A few years ago, I quit my job and spent six weeks in Seattle making 3D models for a no-budget … Continue reading

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Inspirational Passage

Frederic Bastiat quote from Economic Harmonies: “And what element of progress is there in the world whose beneficial action has not been marred, particularly at the beginning, by much suffering and hardship? Our great urban masses of human beings stimulate … Continue reading

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Starship Log: 021

I’m giving the heat dumps a day to settle in before characterization. Back to more normal work today. Did some rounds on the mech deck. Everything normal, just like it should be. Ran out a formal report to the engineering on … Continue reading

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Bastiat Describes a Nation

Keep in mind, this passage was written 150 years ago. The ever relevant Frederic Bastiat: It is quite common, however, to attribute to capital a kind of deadly efficiency that would implant selfishness, hardness, and Machiavellian duplicity in the hearts … Continue reading

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