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Civilizations, Barbarians, and City States

Introduction Ever played the Civilization series? Maybe Endless Legend? If not, these are both examples of what are often called “4X Games“: they’re turn-based strategy games focused on “exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination”. This sort of game can also be … Continue reading

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Toad(icus)’ List of Awesome KSP Mods

I play KSP.  I also write mods for KSP.  I further think that my opinions are generally super good ones.  So, I present to you my list of awesome KSP mods, along with justification for why I think they’re worth downloading. … Continue reading

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Delayed Laborfication

As a bit of preamble: I’m not entirely sure what I intended this post to be, or quite how it wound up.  I suppose it’s probably something of a confessional or a testimonial, at this point; maybe a reflection upon the … Continue reading

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Personal Programming History of the Toad Kind

After publishing his own personal programming history, Ziggy asked if I might like to write my own.  Since I don’t do a lot of writing, was referred to in the article, and mostly since he asked me to do so, I … Continue reading

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Even More Anti-Spam, Or “Boston Sucks”

Since the hashcash addon didn’t seem to be very effective, I sat down and beat Captcha! into submission. It should now ask posters to enter a code from an image before commenting. In other news, the City of Boston has … Continue reading

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New Anti-Spam Measures

So, I’ve installed a new anti-spam plugin on the blog. It should be completely transparent to the end-user, unless you aren’t using a java-script enabled browser, in which case it will tell you why you can’t post, but since just … Continue reading

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War for Extremism

Most of you probably know that the “global war on terror” is also called the “global war on extremism.” In addition, Condoleeza Rice mentioned in her talks in Lebanon not long ago that she was seeking a way to ensure … Continue reading

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Picket Funeral

I am anti-gay. I am a Christian. I believe that God punishes people, organizations, and countries, for their actions and the actions of their consitutuents. I am not, however, an inconsiderate moron (well, not most of the time). This article … Continue reading

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That’s right, there is now a free soft drink, OpenCola, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It’s not just Linux anymore. What with my excursions into the land of open source operating systems and software of late, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Flagrant Nerdery

Because my wife and I are big nerds, we’ve started a family blog for you and yours to check up on us every now and again. If you’re in to that sort of thing, check it out! *edit: link fixed*

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