my day

# A summary of a typical day in Python metacode

# note, Ziggy.errands and Ziggy.projectlist are dynamic lists
# they are managed by the Ziggy.freewill subroutine which is
# started in the background when Ziggy initialized. Ziggy.freewill
# also runs other functions in tandem with the main function

import Ziggy #initialize myself
import Math,work) #go to work
import Work
from Work import machinists, engineers, e-mail, ordersystem

while “13:30” > time.current(): #things I do while at work

neworder = ordersystem.checkNew()
if neworder: Work.paperwork(neworder)
nextTask = Work.tasks.pop()
if engineering in nextTask:
incompetence_margin =
if machining in nextTask: machinists(nextTask)

tasks = Ziggy.errandlist #run errands
for task in tasks:,task.location)
Ziggy.excecute(task),home) #drive home

while “21:45” > time.current(): #things I do while at home

choice = Ziggy.freewill(range(len(Ziggy.projectlist)+1))
if choice = 0: Ziggy.excecute(computer_games)
else: Ziggy.excecute(Ziggy.projectlist[choice-1])


#Meta-note, WordPress removes all leading tabs, which are crucial for python code. I’ve solved the problem by emulating tabs with blockquotes! ‘Bua+ha*4+a*5’

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  1. Dan says:

    You made my day with this.


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