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Terror on the Prairie, Review

Just watched Terror on the Prairie. Seemed like a good show! Here are a few nitpicks. Soiled Dove mentioned “drive home” when it should have been “ride.” A minor quibble. Speaking of minor quibbles, it seemed odd that the McAllisters … Continue reading

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Open Wide Our Hearts: Thoughts

I support the substance of the letter in so far as it calls us to recognize the common dignity of all humanity before God.
I oppose the letter where it draws more from the tainted wells of identity politics and non-normalized statistics than it does from the Holy Scriptures. Continue reading

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TUNR: Charge More for Violence

My response to: TUN Slow Down the Violence People play to learn. We want to learn things that are expensive to learn. Killing people is the most expensive thing that we know about, so it makes total sense to learn about it … Continue reading

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The Law: Bastiat

“The Law” by Frederic Bastiat Full text (translated to English) can be found under the link above. My own audio recording of the same. It’s free! I have read this book several times now, and it always produces a fury … Continue reading

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“Anathem” by Neal Stephenson

A good book overall. I enjoyed the ambiance, the characters, the plot, and the arc. Neal really nailed the “monk” ambiance, and the general parallels with academia and closed societies in general.

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“How I Learned” by Shamus Young

Do you ever feel like your schooling was a waste of time? Not through school yet, but can’t see how it’s doing any good? You, good sir or madam, are not alone. Shamus Young has written what he terms “a … Continue reading

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I was looking at games the other day. Figured I’d support the Indie scene and… what’s this? SpaceChem? Okay, that looks like something I’d enjoy. I picked it up along with a couple others. Turns out I was disastrously right. Here’s why: … Continue reading

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“The Adjustment Bureau”

Review Summary: Good craftsmanship. Bad message. Dumb characters. Anna and I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” a few days ago. A number of friends had said it was “great” and “fun”, so expectations were high. By the end, we were both … Continue reading

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Liberty and the Constitution of the United States

Introduction I’ve been reading a lot of Frédéric Bastiat recently. He makes a very strong argument for freedom, government focus on criminal justice, and non-involvement in everything else. I want to believe him, and have been doing some thought exercises to test … Continue reading

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“The Cat in the Hat”

Has “The Cat in the Hat” ever struck you as a metaphor for demonic posession? Consider these points: The authority (Mother in this case) is out from the house when a creature (the Cat) comes in uninvited. The fish (apparently … Continue reading

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