How to make a killer pun (who dies depends on how you tell it)

Dissolution: Think of a fairly common word (compound words work well) and break it up in an unusual way.
carpet… car pet!

Formulation: Compose a set of hints which lead to the pun, but don’t give it away.
What’s the best way to stroke a car?

Delivery: State the question, wait for the growing dread and then confirm their suspicions by dropping the punch line like a lead ingot.
“So, what’s the best way to stroke a car?” (mutterings and growing unrest) “Use car-pet!” (outbreak of disgusted groans and possible violence)

Resultsmayvary, useonlyasdirected, sideeffectsmayincludebruisingandbattering, lackoffriends, rejection, insomnia, injury, anddeath. Punsarenotforeveryone, seeyourdoctorfordetails.

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3 Responses to Puns

  1. Bayth says:


  2. Charlette says:

    What do you call a burnt down field? Char-lot!

  3. Leah says:

    How do you upset a female card shark? Poke-her!

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